We do these – and like to think we do them rather well…………

Architecture | Historic Buildings | Landscape & Infrastructure | Exhibitions | Outdoor Activities | Travel and Tourism

……and so do Our Clients


Commission Nigel Forster and see his captivating style of photographic imagery bring your business, project, location or event to life!

Whether using simple composition, dramatic natural lighting, or capturing a moment in time, you’re guaranteed a unique approach and some stunning images!

London | Cardiff | Bristol | Birmingham | Swansea

All other locations in the South and Midlands and throughout the UK

Architecture & Interiors

Whether you’re an Architectural Consultancy, Housing Developer or Interior Designer, bring your projects to life and promote your business with high quality photography

Heritage & Historic Buildings

If you own or manage Historic Buildings or Monuments, utilise Nigel’s creative and innovative approach to capture your property or feature. You’re guaranteed beautiful and stylish images.

Engineering, Landscape & Design

Nigel has a background in Landscape and Urban Design. He can help bring out the design process and ethos through his original approach at design, construction and completion of the project.

Exhibitions & Indoor Events

From prestigious events such as the NATO Summit to International Exhibitions, commission Nigel Forster to capture your Exhibition or Event with imaginative & inspiring photography

Outdoor Activities & Events

Whether you’re an Outdoor Activity provider, outdoor event organiser or need location based photographic images, utilise Nigel’s skills to promote your business, activity or event

Tourism & Travel Photography

If you’re a tour operator, travel agency or involved in tourism and travel, Nigel’s superb landscapes and imaginative approach will promote your business, activity and location


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